Communication is an attempt to build shared realities, the creation of shared meanings. It is how we try to make others understand the world through our eyes, or as we want them to understand it, and in the same time, it is our effort to understand the world of those around us.

Assertiveness refers to the ability to express our emotions and feelings without affecting and touching anyone else’s rights.

Assertiveness in communication represents the ability to express directly, openly and honestly, negative emotions (without feeling embarrassed and without hurting), positive emotions, to request something or to refuse, to say NO without feeling guilty or embarrassed, respecting the rights of other people. 

Assertiveness is a skill that can be learned. It is a way of communicating and behaving that helps you have more self confidence.

Assertiveness is not a natural behavior we are born with. As we grow up, we learn to adapt our behavior to what happens around us, to the people we meet. If self confidence diminishes through irony or violence, when as adults we tend to react passively or aggressively in similar situations.

Created and presented by:

Liliana Lucian - Performance Coach