My aim is to help you find the passion you need to build the plan for a fulfilling, happy, healthy and wealthy life. My consulting, coaching and mentoring services use a set of programs and meditations based on neuroencoding and techniques from neuroscience.

Neurocodare - consiliere coaching mentorat


When or why do we need this type of help?
When we want to discover or rediscover the path to success. Every one of us deserves to live a happy life, rich and full of health! At the same time, it’s important that we learn to defeat our fears, phobias and limitative beliefs. We can do so by building a new identity, the champion’s identity.


We’ll start by conditioning the mind with the help of neuroencoding, a method that sums up multiple techniques based on neuroscience and  NLP. The techniques, methods and processes followed are extremely simple and may seem like a child’s play at times but they have an undeniable effect. We’ll access the energy, courage and power that are dormant within you, waiting for a spark.

Why work with me?

I’m a graduate of the Neroencoding Institute where I attended a professional education program with Joseph McClendon III, a leader in the field. I’ve also followed the “Nature of Reality” course with Deepak Chopra and currently I’m attending Dr. Gina Chiriac’s neuroscience course.

I’ll be by your side, challenging you and guiding you at each step you’re taking until you fulfill your objectives.

I love people and believe that each of us deserves a chance to a better life.

About me

At a certain point in my life, after spending my school years as a student athlete, years of raising my children and helping to run two businesses, I began slowly losing my identity and developing debilitating health issues at the same time. I eventually found myself wasting about 2 years of my life doing barely anything, wasting days  watching television, almost drowned in a state that I could barely believe I had fallen into. However, the same way I fell, I slowly rose back up through the methods that I’ve learned in time and decided to embark on a mission to help others do the same.




My consulting services help you overcome difficult situations in the short term, with corrective interventions,  adequate to the situation you find yourself in, meant to sustain you as you begin to find a balanced state where you feel good and able to move on with your day, calmly.


A coach guides you towards reaching your objectives and assists you in reaching your full potential. Reference International Coaching Federation

As a coach, my objective is to see what you can’t see in yourself and challenge you on what you’re afraid of. I support you in defining objectives for yourself, subsequently helping you reach them step by step. In order to change the way you think, clear your head, define objectives, rediscover your passion and purpose and apply the methodology that I myself learned under the guidance of my mentor with whom I still work on my own development.


The mentor is the one whom shares his knowledge and involves own competence and experience into supporting your growth and development.

As a mentor I help you through situations where I can bring into action my specific competences and expertise in well-defined fields of work. Mentoring is generally career oriented but doesn’t have to be limited to this.

As a mentor I help you get over difficult conditions that may overwhelme you after either a personal or professional failure or that may arise due to fear of success, fear of failure or fear of abandonment.



Individual programs

Select the adequate program for you from the list below and follow the instructions at your own rhythm or challenge yourself to go through it at the rhythm imposed by the program’s structure.


Meditation is the only intentional, systematic human activity, which at the bottom is about not trying to improve yourself or get anywhere else, but simply to realize where you already are.

I’ve created a series of guided meditations you can access below. These have the purpose of helping you reach the state of a quiet mind; achieving a mind free of constant useless preoccupations, where you can break the endless bustle of chained thoughts leading into infinite loops and find the resources you need to take healthy decisions.
(Romanian language only)

Personal development programs

These programs are meant to plant fruitful seeds of happiness, health and well-being in the well-wishing minds of the people, to help them get rid of the „weeds” – negative thoughts and behaviors. The programs are created with love for people and target all those who want to get further, faster following the paths already blazed by us. We are your guides and coaches, we set as goals- your goals: a happy and fullfiled life fired up by  the passion for what you do.
(Romanian language only)

Boot Camps & Retreats

I am periodically organizing  thematic boot camps and retreats where we roll out group activities with the purpose of obtaining immediate results, unleashing profound and long-lasting changes, where we begin to assimilate healthy habits that afterwards become our new identity.

Unleash the Superhero Within You

Performer programs

Science has proven that we are capable of neuroplasticity and neurogenesis at any age. This explains how some people are reaching an incredible potential at extremely old age  or are able to maintain their outstanding performance for many years.

This is not a miracle, each of us is capable of a similar performance.

How? Through mental training!

It’s much easier that it seems: our brain behaves like any muscle in our body and movement is a fundamental component of mental training.

These programs are for those who want to grow, to acces their highest potential and to go further faster and be happy, healthy and financial abundant.