Train Your Brain Like You Train Your Body

TRAIN YOUR BRAIN LIKE YOU TRAIN YOUR BODY First is an idea: it’s a spark, just for a moment, then disappears and returns again as a thought that grows, it grows into an emotion. Emotions and…. emotions Excitement pushes you forward into the unknown that has a flavor of success or settles you back on […]

Assertive communication

ASSERTIVE COMMUNICATION Communication is an attempt to build shared realities, the creation of shared meanings. It is how we try to make others understand the world through our eyes, or as we want them to understand it, and in the same time, it is our effort to understand the world of those around us. Assertiveness […]

THE MAGNIFICENT LIFE CHALLENGE – A Neuroconding Institute JM3 Program

THE MAGNIFICENT LIFE CHALLENGE This program is addressing negative emotional patterns. The desired outcome is to give you daily actionable tools and strategies that enabling you to truly transform your life. You are going to understand how we function as human beings and what determines your results. You become a magnet that attracting the life […]

PROGRAM YOUR LIFE – A Neuroconding Institute JM3 Program

PROGRAM YOUR LIFE This program is designed to teach you how to encode your life in your favor. We are all a product of our thoughts, actions, daily habits, and who we surround ourselves with. By working through this program you are gain clarity on how much of this is in your realm of your […]

REBOOT YOUR BRAIN – A Neuroconding Institute JM3 Program

REBOOT YOUR BRAIN When you think of the following values: integrity, tenacity, energy, kindness, and joy, what comes to mind? What would describing yourself using these words feel like? This program will help you reboot your brain in ways that the above words will become your beacons and they will guide you. These values are […]