TRAIN YOUR BRAIN LIKE YOU TRAIN YOUR BODY TRAIN YOUR BRAIN LIKE YOU TRAIN YOUR BODY MOVE CHANGE TRANSFORM Want to become a change maker? Your brain and body are connected, so why not train them together? Can you find peace, freedom and happiness in this world while being yourself? Will you ever be able to break free from the self imposed […]

Assertive communication

Share Share Assertiveness is a skill that can be learned. It is a way of communicating and behaving with others, it will help you to have more confidence in yourself. Assertiveness is not a natural behavior we are born with. As we grow up, we learn to adapt our behavior to what happens around us, […]

THE MAGNIFICENT LIFE CHALLENGE – A Neuroconding Institute JM3 Program

THE MAGNIFICENT LIFE CHALLENGE Share Share This program will help you understand how we function as human beings and what determines your results.The desired outcome is to give you daily actionable tools and strategies that enabling you to truly transform your life.You become a magnet that attracting the life you are dreaming of. Structure: Psychology […]

PROGRAM YOUR LIFE – A Neuroconding Institute JM3 Program

PROGRAM YOUR LIFE Share Share This program is designed to teach you how to encode your life in your favor.We are focusing on fine-tuning your brain so it functions its best, and in turn, you function at your best.We will install and optimize your brain’s software so it will automatically function with optimism and efficiency. […]

REBOOT YOUR BRAIN – A Neuroconding Institute JM3 Program

REBOOT YOUR BRAIN Share Share This program will help you reboot your brain in ways that the words below become your beacons and they will guide you. Structure: Integrity Tenacity Energy Kindness Joy Created by: Joseph McClendon III & The Neurocoding Institute Presented by: Liliana Lucian – Performance Coach Contact SERVICES PROGRAMS ABOUT ME THE […]